Alligator Back Straps


The price ranges from $6 to $7 per centimeter of width, depending on the size and grade of each individual piece. To order call Brian or Pete @ 863-858-6971 for the price of each specific pieces.



These Back plates are the hard bony covering on an alligators back. All crocodilians have these armor plates. Indians once used these plates as armor to protect themselves from unfriendly spears and arrows. Our back plates are tanned and the joints between the bones are as flexible as the other leather. The bones themselves are not flexible. The plates can be separated with a sharp knife and made into earrings, belt buckle coverings, small and large jewelry items as well as glued to leather goods for that tough macho look. Some of the alligator products ,called horn-back, feature this look. Interior decorators can use these unique creations of nature for a centerpiece. They make a good whatnot gift for the person that has everything. These products are approximately eight times as long as they are wide. Back plates are sold by the centimeter measured at their widest point. Note the aft section is actually leather and suitable for small leather items such as rings or watchbands. All back straps are finished in safari finish.

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