Alligator Scale Patterns

Below are the common cuts used for our alligator products. The scale pattern is different on each cut. The specified cut is the part of the hide between the white lines.

This is the Belly / Flank pattern. It typically has both the smaller flank scale pattern on the outside edge of the hides and the larger belly scale pattern toward the center. Most alligator belts are made from this cut and the strips are cut parallel with the white lines. Several strips are then spliced together to achieve the desired length alligator cover.

The tail pattern  is primarily comprised of a larger, rectangular shaped scale pattern.  On our Custom Belts, we use some of the smaller scale pattern from the legs. The natural blend of smaller legs to larger tail scales makes one of the most attractive and unique belts on the market today. Tail cut belt strips are cut at a 90 degree (perpendicular) angle to the white lines. Tail cuts tend to have the more character and less gloss than the other cuts.  Because of the direction and  length of this cut, it is sometimes possible to manufacture a one piece belt, with no splices.

This is the umbilical pattern. This pattern is the smallest and most intricate pattern on the alligator, and, as the alligator only has one naval, there is only one umbilical pattern available on each alligator hide.  Because the pattern changes drastically and due to the lack of material, this intricate cut looks best on 1″ and 1 1/4″ belts. The detail picture is one of our Ultimate Custom Belts with the naval swirl of the umbilical pattern.