About Us

We have the largest color selection of genuine American alligator products in the world! All of our alligator products are priced at or near wholesale. We are a small, vertically-structured, family owned producer of high-quality alligator products. Our products include, but are not limited to, alligator belts, alligator wallets, alligator money clips, purses, and other small alligator accessories. Most of our alligator products are manufactured in Lakeland, Florida. We have been in the alligator business for over forty years. We have built a reputation for product quality, integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction. We maintain high quality, value and low, stable pricing by catching state certified wild alligators ourselves and controlling the handling, processing and manufacturing of our alligator products.

Alligator products are extremely expensive and time consuming to produce, therefore very few retailers will stock genuine American alligator products. Due to economic and availabiility issues, the majority of the discriminating public has no access to these luxurious, high-quality, hand-crafted, all-American alligator products. All of our orders are shipped with a free sample of genuine alligator leather. Please indicate your choice of color and finish in the comments section of your order.

All of our leather transactions involving in-stock leather goods carry a satisfaction, exchange or full refund guarantee. The product must be returned to us in the condition in which it was received within fifteen working days from the date of purchase. The only cost to you is the shipping and insurance. See our return policy in the Frequently asked questions section, for information on custom and special pieces. 
Browse through our web site. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Brian or Pete or call 863-858-6971.  If you want to learn about me, Google Pete Kinnamon in Lakeland, FL.

All of the alligator products on this site were derived from wild American Alligators (alligator mississippienis) that were legally harvested and processed in Florida.  All of our alligator skins were tanned in the U.S.